Noodles with pumpkin and watercress

2 portions quickcook noodles soaked and drained

1 packet watercress

200gm pumpkin

handful pumpkin seeds

leek, spring onion, red pepper, ginger

coconut, sesame oil, fish sauce, lime juice, makrut, soy, msg

Cook the pumpkin, when tender add the noodles to cook in the pumpkin stock, Stir fry etc

Moong dhal with Pumpkin and Coconut

300 gm moong

400gm or so of pumpkin pieces

Spice base (coriander-cumin-fennel-etc), garam masala, turmeric, paprika, salt

1 small onion, sliced, with chopped ginger garlic chilli

Coriander herb (leaf and stalk separate)

50 gm creamed coconut, butter, lemon juice

Bring the dhal to boil with plenty of water, skim scum, simmer 10 or 15 minutes, add pumpkin pieces, simmer until the pumpkin is tender and the lentils soft but still whole.

Fry the vegĀ  until soft but not brown, add the spice base, fry another few minutes, stir into the dhal with the coconut and coriander stalk. Simmer a few minutes, stir in garam masala and lemon juice. Remove from heat and serve garnished with coriander leaf and dotted with butter lumps.

Next time: OK as a main dish but probably better accompanying a contrasting vegetable dish.

Worth trying:try out a version without the coconut and with more, golden-fried onion and extra chilli. Maybe panch puran?