Pheasant fricasee

1 whole pheasant

2 celery stalks/celeriac, 1 carrot  and 1 leek diced fine

100gm button mushrooms

10 or 20 gm dried porcini

glass of white wine, sour cream, anchovies, fresh coriander

Ginger, star anise, soy, salt and pepper, bay leaf, smoked paprika, tablespoon flour

Cut the breast and legs from the pheasant. Remove and reserve the skin, preferably in one piece. Put the carcass and legs in a pot with the anise, bay leaf, the sliced ginger and any celeriac peel. Cover with water and cook until the legs are tender. Remove the legs. Soak the porcini.

Heat some oil in a casserole. Crisp the skin, brown the breasts, add the veg and soften. Stir in the flour, cook briefly and add the wine, porcini water and anchovies, and enough stock to make a thin sauce. Simmer until the meat is done. Stir in some sour cream, season and garnish with coriander.





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